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letsencrypt on fedora 23 for apache, postfix and dovecot Here”s a small howto on how I set up SSL encyption for apache, postfix and dovecot with certs from letsencrypt. install letsencrypt To install letsencrypt just run: sudo dnf install -y letsencrypt generate the certs Since I already have an apache running with the default webroot I can run this command to generate the certs for the root domain and the


How to circumvent Backscatter what is backscatter mail? When a spammer or an other attacker sends you an email with the sender domain being your own: EHLO MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: data ... why to do something against it I use this to send spearphishing attacks to customers when I perform social engineering email attacks. So if you leave this attack vector open I can send you email for example from your boss your it department etc.


initial post this is just the initial post to get the page on the interwebs. depending on my workload some real content should follow soon …